With so many different decorative wall finishes to take advantage of, it can be hard to know which one to choose. After a recent surge in popularity more people are now looking towards decorative wall finishes such as Viero. As a certified installer of these finishes, RenderRight have had the pleasure of creating numerous modern, contemporary and classic finishes across a wide range of different rooms and spaces.

The wide variety of different finishes available within the Viero range makes the new style of decor extremely versatile. Unlike wallpaper and paint, Viero finishes create a textured wall that adds character to a room or area.

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The Viero range offers a finish to compliment any style of decor. Whether you’re looking to create a modern room with minimalist furniture, Viero decorative finishes can provide a subtle focal point to suit.

Once installed, decorative wall finishes are easy to maintain and unlike paint or wallpaper can be wiped clean. These finishes will set your property apart from others.

RenderRight are one of a few selected certified installers of Viero decorative wall finishes. Contact us to view our complete range of decorative wall finishes.

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Choosing the Perfect Interior Finish